cryotank with canes with cryopreserved eggs, embryo and sperm

Fertility Preservation: Your Plan B

Are you an individual focussed on today? Are you career focussed? Maybe, you haven’t found mister or misses right? Yet, you desire to have a child but just don’t know when. You do have an option and a plan B and it is to preserve today’s fertility for that someday in the future. Fertility Preservation via the use of cryo-preservation of eggs, embryos and sperm is an option that more individuals are selecting as more decide to wait to become  a parent.  

If you are one these individuals and dream of being a parent, “someday,” MCRM Fertility can help you with your plan B. Doctors Ahlering and Aubuchon would be happy to discuss the process and the ease at which the preservation of today’s fertility for tomorrow can be completed for you.  You can reset assured, too, that your eggs, embryos or sperm will be well cared for until the time is right for you.  MCRM Fertility is the only CCB-DEB certified fertility center in the region in the cryo-preservation of eggs/oocytes providing you with an independent quality of assurance in the process and care provided. additionally, MCRM Fertility’s lab  utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring systems and has security process and procedures in place to assure safe storage of your valuable fertility future.

To learn more about your preservation options, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

Below, Mandy, discusses why she chose to utilize fertility preservation and lab director, Doug Gliedt, Phd, HCLD, discusses how MCRM Fertility assures safety of the preserved embryos, eggs and sperm that are cryo-preserved.