Couple from springfield missouri celebrate a birth announcement after completing a FREE IVF

Springfield Couple Finds Hope for the Holidays

Our journey to this day started almost 6 years ago,

but where this journey would lead…neither of us did know.

We’d been married for a bit, a baby was our next step,

We walked in to that doctor’s appointment with a little pep.

“You should try for at least year, then if a problem should arise,

Come back to see me, and we’ll discuss”— We thought our OB was wise.

We had a bunch of tests done, from ultrasounds to blood work to dyes,

But even doing all of that, we couldn’t get pregnant in those tries.

We moved to a specialist, an RE, at KU Med,

And had a ton more tests run, and this is what she said:

“Our next suggestion is a method we call IUI.

We can’t guarantee it will work, but it can’t hurt to try.”

Fast forward a few more years, and IUI #4 had failed…

“We’re never going to get pregnant!” Kayla often wailed.

Tears, heartache, bills, and fails, were consuming us for a while,

So we started looking at other options, which kind of made us smile.

IVF was our next choice…but it came at such a hefty cost,

After discussing it with our RE, we started feeling lost.

Can we afford this next big step? Is it worth all that cash?

We took a break for quite a few months, and all those questions we did hash.

About that time, a woman told me about a meet and greet,

For a fertility clinic based in St. Louis, the doctors and staff we would meet.

We decided to check it out, what could it really hurt?

They were giving away a free round of IVF, and my name I’d hoped they’d blurt.

When that actually happened, I cried for what felt like days.

Had our prayers been answered? Were we finally feeling the sun’s rays?!

We started seeing an incredible doctor, at our new clinic, MCRM,

She was extremely knowledgeable and sweet—she’s really been a gem.

We started the process, and got 16 eggs—of those we then had 8.

Five of them had fertilized, and now we had to wait.

One sweet little embryo made it to “the freeze,” our future hanging on a limb…

So now we have to prep for transfer—can’t wait to implant her (or him!)

On August 28th, our lives changed , as we transferred our little snowflake…

Would this embryo stick inside? Would this Frozen Embryo Transfer take?

One week (and a few days) later, I had two blood tests to determine the fate of it all…

Nothing makes a woman more nervous, than waiting on that call.

“You’re pregnant!” My nurse said to me, and I can’t believe the news.

In this moment, right here, right now, all my dreams have just come true.

I told Craig later and we celebrated, the best news and best day ever!

This is a memory that will stick with me, from now until forever.

Our sweet little babe is growing well, healthy and tucked away…

And we cannot wait to meet him or her sometime in mid-May!

We cried, and hoped, and dreamed, and prayed for 2,065 days…

And I finally have the privilege to say…Baby Smith is on the way!

MCRM Fertility is wishing the Smith family the very happiest of holidays and good health on the pregnancy.

“Blessings to them! It was a joy to care for her,” shares Dr. Mira Aubuchon.