Michaela and Nick holding their twin girls Havana and Wilhelmina

MCRM Story of Hope

I’m Michaela and my husband Nick and  I have been together a total of 11 years. Like almost everyone in the infertility club we never imagined we would have to go to such great lengths to have a child. After right around a year of trying without assistance, we went ahead our first IUI in August 2016. Obviously it failed–it was a total mind game since I was so sure it would work–using doctor Google for absolutely all of my ‘pregnancy symptoms'<shoutout to progesterone> we immediately wanted to try again for September. This time around my GYN put me on Letrozole–long story short–IUI canceled–heartbreak followed. We attempted two more IUIs with negative results and left our IUI journey behind with only PCOS and Male Factory Infertility to thank.

December 2016 came and with a highly recommended fertility clinic in hand we sought out MCRM. My husband at this point was pretty bitter–he just wanted a child much like myself and while we were both thrown off by being told we had a less than 1% chance of getting pregnant on our own as well as hearing the words ‘we recommend you move forward with IVF’–I rolled with the punches and decided to give our consultation a shot. We met with Dr. Ahlering at MCRM on December 21, 2016–this man changed our lives–he explained everything to us in terms we could understand, he made us feel comfortable discussing our struggles and gave us so much hope for a better outcome using IVF. For the first time i’m so long we left our consultation with Dr. Ahlering feeling hopefully and encouraged—the stats and the potential outcomes we discussed with Dr. A gave us the boost we needed. We booked our IVF February 2017 cycle on January 7th, 2017 not knowing just how much IVF would change our lives.

After one egg retrieval, some uncomfortable symptoms following, more than 99 shots total, countless ultrasounds and emails we beat infertility.

We welcomed two beautiful twin girls, Havana and Wilhelmina into the world in November 2017. I never imagined the journey that would lead us to parenthood would be so grueling, but I’ve never been more thankful for it. We have met so many lovely people through our journey at MCRM, people that hugged me when I broke down, gave my husband a pep talk he needed and shared our joys and worries with us every step of the way. I’m so glad we decided to give IVF a chance and even more grateful that we found MCRM.

To all my infertility sisters–you are so much more than this journey and better days await you.

-Michaela McPherson-Brune