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Does bacteria in the uterus matter on pregnancy outcomes?

By: Mira Aubuchon, MD

The uterus is a critical component of fertility success, along with good quality embryos derived from correspondingly healthy eggs and sperm.  Some factors associated with the uterus are visible, such as fibroids which might be detected by ultrasound or cause symptoms.  Others, such as uterine infections, are treatable but are difficult to detect. 

MCRM Fertility participated with an international research team that used cutting-edge technologies to determine that certain types of bacteria in the uterus could be detrimental to pregnancy success, and the results of this were recently published in a very prestigious peer-reviewed journal.  Using those results, a test was developed and is now available for our patients, the ALICE test. This test  can search for those specific bacteria that may lead to unsuccessful outcomes, and may assist patients in specific circumstances. 

We help create families with all the tools at our disposal this is now yet one more tool available. I invite you to come talk to us to learn about all possible treatment options that may be of benefit to you in your fertility journey.

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Red the Full Research Study Co-Authored by Dr. Aubuchon

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