Covid-19 vaccination and how it impacts your menstrual cycle

Covid-19 vaccine and its impacts on menstrual cycles

By: Mira Aubuchon, MD

Can the Covid-19 vaccine cause menstrual period changes? Edelman and colleagues observed 23,000+ menstrual cycles from nearly 4000 women and discovered that the 2-dose vaccine regimen was associated with a slightly longer cycle length (by about 2 days) compared to unvaccinated women. 

This was temporary and cycles reverted to the original pattern after 3-4 months. There were no changes observed in the number of days of bleeding between vaccinated and unvaccinated women.  Immunity and menstrual cycles are interlinked so this association is not surprising, but it is reassuring that no major changes were seen.  This adds to the growing amount of information on vaccine safety for fertility and reproduction. 

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