Fertility Clinic

What is a Fertility Clinic?

If you’re struggling to become pregnant or have concerns about your fertility, you may want to learn more about fertility clinics. You may be aware that they can help with fertility issues, but you may not understand exactly what they do.

What Does a Fertility Clinic Do?

Fertility clinics are medical clinics that focus on the fertility of couples and individuals who want to have children. These patients have been unable to conceive on their own due to medical or other reasons.

Staff at a fertility clinic are trained on the reproductive systems and issues that affect them. Patients can go to one of these clinics for a diagnosis of their fertility issues. Often, the clinic will test both the man and the woman with a couple to determine where the issue lies.

Once a diagnosis has been made, the fertility clinic focuses on treatment options. Treatment can range from helping the couple overcome their medical issues to helping them become parents from alternative options, such as in vitro fertilization or an egg or sperm donor.

How to Choose Between Fertility Clinics

When considering a fertility clinic, one of the first steps is to check with the federal database from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This database shows the success rates of the clinics around the country. Some clinics post these rates on their websites. For instance, MCRM Fertility posts a detailed clinic summary on the site for visitors to review.

While the success rate is important in your research, you’ll also want to think about what procedures you’re willing to try and which clinics offer those treatment options. Don’t forget to ask about age limits. Some clinics have strict limits on how old the patient can be for certain treatments.

Consider the Cost

Fertility treatments are often expensive, so you should have an idea of how much you’re willing and able to spend on this journey. You’ll also want to compare pricing from clinics to make sure you’re being practical about your budget.

The cost of the various treatments available may determine which procedures you’re willing to try. The fertility specialist at a clinic should sit down with you and discuss costs and which treatments will be the best options based on your medical history.

Treatment Options Provided by Fertility Clinics

Find a place that provides the treatments you need to meet your goals. Clinics offer various testing to help determine possible issues from or causing your infertility. The doctor may suggest semen analysis for the man as well as blood tests and other testing for the woman. Once the test results have been reviewed, the doctor can recommend the best treatment plan.

The doctor may recommend medication to induce ovulation, intrauterine insemination, or in vitro fertilization if getting pregnant is the issue. In some cases, an egg or sperm donor may be needed to help a couple achieve their goal of having a baby.

MCRM Fertility offers hope to couples and individuals who dream of becoming a parent. Reach out for a consultation to find out how they can help you.

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