IVF St. Louis: Where To Look for a Trustworthy IVF Specialist

The road to parenthood can be filled with twists and turns, but having a specialized fertility team on your side can help you navigate each one. You can find a trustworthy IVF specialist at MCRM Fertility. We offer a range of fertility treatments, including in-vitro fertilization. Our team of experienced fertility specialists can answer your questions and guide you through your treatment.

Why Choose an MCRM Fertility IVF Specialist?

When considering advanced fertility care such as IVF, choosing the right fertility center and fertility specialist that fits you is key. MCRM Fertility and our IVF specialists can be beneficial to you in the following ways:

Personalized Treatment

We understand that each individual/couple is unique.  The contributing factors leading to one’s infertility are different, too. You and your partner could be dealing with one or more fertility issues that require a personalized and customized treatment plan. At MCRM Fertility, an IVF specialist will review your fertility history and may suggest some fertility evaluations to learn more specifically about your particular situation. Based on the information obtained, they will suggest a tailored treatment plan to meet your fertility needs. You’ll never be rushed to make a decision. We’ll take the time needed to understand your desires, financial concerns, and preferred timeline to offer the right infertility treatment option for you.

Empathic and Compassionate Team

Here at MCRM Fertility, we understand the emotional, financial, and psychological challenges of infertility. Our dedicated team is always ready to help answer your questions and support you to make the journey to parenthood less strenuous. Our compassionate team will keep you informed and educated throughout your IVF treatment.  Our IVF cycle classes will assist in assuring you are well informed and ready to confidently administer your fertility medications and what you should expect through your IVF cycle. Additionally, we offer all of our IVF cycle patients the ability to be partnered with others who are cycling at the same time through our IVF Cycle Buddies program.  

Comprehensive Evaluation

During or soon after your initial consultation, our fertility specialists can take tests to evaluate the potential causes of infertility. These tests can help diagnose endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage, ovulation disorders, and male factor infertility. Our fertility experts can use different methods, such as blood work, ultrasound, and semen analysis, to determine the root cause of infertility. We can also ask about lifestyle habits that may affect fertility.

Experienced and Qualified Team

We have a fertility team of professionals with extensive years of experience. Our fertility specialists are also board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to address fertility concerns. MCRM Fertility’s nursing team is recognized as an ASRM Nursing Center of Excellence, a distinction only awarded to a select minority of fertility centers in the United States.  At MCRM, we have a proven record of successful outcomes that we can share with you. We are committed to continued research and keeping up with the changing technology in the fertility field. 

Transparent and Honest Experts

IVF treatments can vary depending on the number of cycles and additional tests you may need. Our physicians and financial counselors can take you through the costs and payment plans. We can review your treatment recommendations to develop a pricing strategy. We can also verify your insurance acceptance and review your insurance coverage benefits. By offering clear information about the fertility treatment costs you may incur, you can budget for your IVF treatment more efficiently.

Optimized IVF Process

At MCRM Fertility, we work hard to optimize the IVF process to help minimize your time required and the amount of fertility medication. Our IVF specialists use specific medications and lab testing to streamline the procedure. Your IVF treatment will include controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, as well as ultrasound and bloodwork monitoring. The next steps include egg retrieval, advanced sperm selection, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The process continues to assisted hatching, embryo transfer, and embryo freezing. Each IVF treatment plan requires multiple steps and will be optimized on a case-by-case basis.

Find a Trusted IVF Specialist at MCRM Fertility

If you are looking for a trustworthy IVF specialist in St. Louis, Missouri, or Tulsa, Oklahoma, book an appointment at MCRM Fertility. We have qualified and experienced fertility experts who are committed to providing personalized care. Our team offers comprehensive diagnoses and education about fertility treatment options. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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