Men With “Normal” Semen Analysis May Still Suffer Male Factor Infertility

This is an excellent article that shows that even in guys who have “NORMAL” semen analysis results, the majority of the sperm are abnormal; abnormal in chromosomal and DNA content. Thus, this leads to abnormal (aneuploid) embryo development. Obviously this is crucial in the process of embryo development and the sustainability of a pregnancy. What we have shown at MCRM over the last several years is the following:
1. DNA Fragmentation (DFI) is able to discover quality abnormalities that are missed by standard sperm tests; often leading to “Unexplained Infertility”

2. DNA fragmentation is important in assessing male fertility potential and it is more predictive of male fertility than is simply count and motility.

3. Sperm DNA abnormalities directlyaffect pregnancy rate; abnormal sperm contribute to making abnormal embryos leading to failed pregnancies and miscarriages

4. MCRM’s exclusive Sperm Nanbead Selection Process selects out DNA damaged sperm and chromosomally abnormal sperm in the context of IVF. Therefore, more normal embryos are seen and the number of patients having no normal embryos, in the context of IVF, is very low. Therefore, “it just takes one” and with this nanobead system, you are more likely to get that one embryo and have a successful pregnancy in the end.

If you or someone you know have been told you have “normal” sperm after testing but have still had difficulty becoming pregnant, contact MCRM, today, for an initial consultation and let Dr. Ahlering and/or Dr. Aubuchon assist you in investigating further.