Focus on Fertility: A New National, Fertility-Specific Podcast

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wife, struggled with infertility more than a decade ago, the one thing I sought the most was information and understanding. But all too often, what could be discovered was either the write ups available on fertility center’s website, what was presented in my Google search or simply just the information shared by the doctor. How could such a common struggle with infertility be left up to just me to figure out? Feeling lost in the journey was an understatement. Feeling alone in the journey was more than the truth. Trying to wrap my mind around it all while still battling through the infertility diagnosis was so overwhelming and plaguing us. As a result, I don’t believe the information stuck with me like I was seeking and often I felt either confused; or, when I felt like I understood I really was misunderstood and only retained a few bits here and there. Over the past five years I have had the blessed opportunity to work with the wonderful team of MCRM Fertility. From day one, medical director, Dr. Peter Ahlering, has shared a vision of promoting education to the public on important topics related to one’s own fertility, as well as, science advancements for infertility care, available new technology and approaches and simply dispelling the many myths and misinformation that is so widely spread. Then, almost two years ago, we were joined by another brilliant mind and physician when Dr. Mira Aubuchon joined the team. Dr. Aubuchon also shares this vision of educating. In fact, she is an adjunct professor at the University of Missouri in Columbia assisting medical students in the field of woman’s health. Since I have had the pleasure of being around these and other brilliant minds in this field of reproductive medicine, the clarity of these complex topics and issues have come to me.  However, those today, who are like me of nearly 11 years ago, the struggle of a clear understanding continues.  This has initially led to the creation of the Gateway to Parenthood: St. Louis’ Infertility Awareness Conference. Gateway to Parenthood is a powerful conference that assists so many become better educated; but, it only takes place once a year and the information provided is limited to only those who are able to attend.  A goal of being able to help share such empowering information, continually, and to more individuals was set.  Hence, the development and the new release of a weekly podcast, Focus on Fertility; which, MCRM Fertility is proud to support. Focus on Fertility will focus on the topics and stories that individuals, battling through fertility difficulties, desire to hear.  Special guest professionals from around the nation will be included and each week a new topic will be discussed.   Topics such as understanding the male factor, differences in semen analysis testing, latest technology advancements in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), medical treatment options, non-traditional medical options, self-care, mental health and much more will be covered. To make sure the information is relevant to the listener, listeners are encouraged to email topics they would like to have covered by emailing the producers at [email protected]. Now you have the ability to learn more when it is convenient to you such as while you are driving in your car, exercising, walking or whenever you simply wish to listen as Focus on Fertility’s inaugural episode was released earlier this week. Focus on Fertility is available on iTunes, Google Play and PodcastOne. Be sure to listen to this initial episode and learn about the largest diagnosis associated with assisted reproductive technology (ART) per the most recent 2015 CDC National ART Summary Report, the male factor. Included is discussion on the use of semen analysis to evaluate the male factor and the importance of DNA Fragmentation screening in order to assess properly the true qualitative potential of one’s sperm. Don’t miss a single episode. Be sure to subscribe and then….. Get Focused and Tune In each week! author: Dale Bader]]>

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